It is often said "you never own a Pyrenean they own you", those who have been blessed with a Pyrenean will know this is true.

Pyreneans have been dated back to the Bronze Age, making them one of the oldest Breeds.   The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is known by many names, but all of these names derived from the Pyrenean Mountain Range in the Basque Country, lying between Spain and France.   The Breed is used to protect flocks of sheep and goats, working on the Mountains, in dense undergrowth and open pastures.   The Pyrenean Mountain Dog was used to guard farm animals from bears and wolves and other predators.

They are a very large, majestic dog, beautiful and elegant.   They have an excellant temperament, for such a large breed.   There personality is that of being trustworthy and very affectionate.   As watchdogs, they command respect, but they also make excellant pets, and are very devoted to there families.

In America they are known as The Great Pyrenees, in France they are known as Le Chien des Pyrenees or Le Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees, in the UK they are known as The Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Size is normally as follows - Height - Dogs shoulder height from 27ins, Bitches shoulder height from 25ins.   Weight - Dogs minimum weight is about 50kgs (110lbs), Bitches minimum weight is about 40kgs (88lbs).   Be aware of this if you are thinking about owning a Pyrenean!   The Pyrenean is one of four dogs remaining in the World today with double dew claws, on its hind legs.   This reminds us of its ancient mountain ancestry, where these dew claws were thought to assist it on rocky ground.

Life span is between 9 - 14 years.